Our agents make a full 90% on transactions. We promote a true self wealth approach. You the agent are out making all the leads, contacts, sales, and listings so why shouldn’t you the agent reap the benefits of all your hard work. Jeanius Realty will never lower you commission…period!


We here charge no additions franchise, transaction, desk, cap or yearend or any other type fees. Unlike other agencies that have hidden fees and mark ups Jeanius Realty pays you all monies due. Who refreshing…getting all your money on-time without any of the hidden cost. All the Agent pays for is their MLS, State, Realtor and E&O insurance which you would pay for at any agency and only make 30 to 70% for all your trouble!


Unlike other agencies when someone calls the office about your listing our staff will direct the calls directly to you so the potentially to get both sides of the transaction is even greater here at Jeanius Realty.


Since Jeanius Realty is independently owned and operated we allow agents to negotiate with their clients on the total commission to be paid on all transactions. You the agent are truly working as an independent contractor and as long as you follow the New Jersey Real Estate Code of Ethics are free to negotiate as you see fit.


The Broker is available at any and all times to help agents on any issues they may have. We have an open door policy so feel free to use it. We also have sale meetings in which you agents can bounce ideas and listings off each to make them all more productive which will make for a strong agent.

MLS Systems

Jeanius Realty has access to GSMLS, Hudson County, Middlesex and Trend MLSs. We are also registered with HUD.

With our goal to ever improve any suggestions or MLS needs of our agents will be addressed as soon as possible to make sure the agent can be as productive as possible.

So join the team that can make most money you can make in the industry. Call or email for a confidential interview with Necker…

Office: 862-766-6226

Cell: 973-725-2200

Email: njean@jeaniusrealty.com